Tuesday, 29 March 2011

SBC article: US Open

Jordie Karlinski & Kara Rennie's US Open report

Mar 29, 2011

Author: Kara Rennie, Photos: Kara Rennie

What can I say about the US Open ... Well other than last year, this event usually gets hit with the worst weather. This year takes the cake. The event started off with freezing rain, to icy slopes and a snow storm followed by pouring rain. I'm definatly not hating on Vermont because the place is beautiful but geez. Either way, everybody who rode killed it and I'm impressed with those who made it to the finals as the conditions were sketchy.

My best friend Jordie Karlinski was an invited rider, and 1 of 6 to make it to the slopestyle finals. She competed alongside Kjersti, Spencer, Jamie, Silje and Enni. While I was quite happy with being a spectator for that contest, I did go to the start gate for moral support, making my clothes soaking wet within 30 minutes. Still a fun week! 

Silje Norendal FS Rodeo 7

I'm Jordies #1 Fan

Soggy Finals

Kjersti Buaas Indy

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

High 5ives! with Kara Rennie

High 5ives! with Kara Rennie

Mar 22, 2011

Author: Ilissa Maiatico

Ontario’s own Kara Rennie is best known for traveling the globe with her snowboard. Spending the past several seasons based in Colorado and Utah, she’s making a name for herself south of the border. When Kara’s not competing at events such as the Dew Tour or US Open, you can spot her driving across the states with her Ontario license plates. She'll be the one singing along to the likes of Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and her all-time favourite Rihanna. Kara's also one of the nicest shredders you’ll ever meet, so here’s her High 5ives.

Sights to see in Utah:
1. Cobra Dogs wiener stand at the bottom of the park at Park City Mountain Resort
2. Yogurt Stop on Parleys Way in SLC. Such good fro yo with so many toppings!
3. Brighton on a pow day. So fun. I have yet to visit Snowbird or Powder Mountain though but I hear they're even better.
4. Willies in SLC on Wednesday nights with Dj Matty Mo
5. Salt Flats and the Salt Lake are neat

Perks to being on the Nikita team:
1. Most of my best friends I met because of Nikita
2. Sick clothes twice a year
3. I have a place to stay if I ever go to Iceland
4. Photo shoots
5. Bathing suits

Why you first started snowboarding:
1. Money
2. Fame
3. Babes
4. My older brother made me
5. I had to give the little brother my skis

Favourite Rihanna songs:
1. Disturbia
2. Umbrella ft. Jay Z
3. Hatin' On The Club
4. Run This Town ft. Jay Z
5. All Of The Lights (Kanye West ft Rihanna)

 Five friends you’d take on the snowboard trip of a lifetime:
1. Jordie Karlinski because I've already gone on big trips with her and she’s one of my best friends. It would be easy. We would go to Chile or Argentina maybe, somewhere we haven’t been before.
2. Sage Kotsenburg: he’s like a brother to me, and this kid has the best personality of anyone I know.  I would never get bored. We’d probably go to some sort of summer shred/surf spot.
3. Guillaume Morissette: I love him and he's so funny. I'd go anywhere they speak French.
4. Rob Dyrdek: my dream man. I want to go to the Fantasy Factory.
5. Rihanna: I want to meet that babe but I'd go somewhere tropical with her. She probably doesn’t know how to snowboard.

Kara Rennie self-portrait.

Sending it at Snowbasin during the 2011 Dew Tour. Maiatico photo.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

SBC Resort Guide: Park City Mountain Resort

Mar 16, 2011
Author: Ilissa Maiatico
During a recent stop-off in Utah, I was lucky to spend a day snowboarding with Nikita rider Kara Rennie at Park City Mountain Resort. Here’s a recap of our adventure and a few reasons why you need to see this place for yourself.

On Valentine’s Day, bright and early, Kara, Aimee from Camp of Champions, and myself got suited up. Carrying our snowboards in hand, we walked over to Park City. (Kara literally lives across the street from the resort, so it didn’t take long).

We started the day off by riding at Three Kings. This is one of three terrain parks you’ll find at Park City Resort. Three Kings features a slew of fun lines and features. Whether you like riding boxes, rails, half-pipe or jumps, this park has it all. Plus, there’s even lights so all you 9-5’ers can get some evening laps in.
Kara takes a run through the superpipe            Kara enjoying another day on the job 

One of the best things about Three Kings is the Cobra Dogs snack bar you’ll find at the bottom of the park. Offering all kinds of dogs and brats, this is the best place to grab a bite without having to head inside.

Kara assures us the Cobra-Dogs are delicious!                      
Grab a snack and get a table inside an old gonadola
After lunch, the three of us ventured up to the mini park better known as the Ridge. For all you beginners, this is the best place to hone your skills while starting out. This park is also home to the Eaglet chairlift so you can get several park laps in without waiting long.

While we spent the majority of our day riding the parks, this place has lots more to offer for skiers and snowboarders all of kinds. Below you'll find a few reasons why Park City should be on your must-visit list.

When in doubt, take the easiest route                        Just one of the 114 trails

Reason to ride Park City:
1. Park City Mountain Resort played host to some of the events during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games
2. For all you U-ditch fans, Park City has a 22’ Eagle Superpipe
3. While waiting in the liftline, you might just run into Scotty Arnold, Stevie Bell, 
Sage Kotsenburg, Erin Comstock, Tanner Hall or Tom Wallisch
5. The three terrain parks are home to literally hundreds of features
6. You can take a spin on the Alpine Coaster and get a scenic view of the Wasatch Mountains
7. There’s 16 chairlifts that upload 30,200 guests per hour
8. There’s 114 trails
9. Plus, there’s 3,300 acres of terrain spread over eight peaks and nine bowls
10. Lastly, the resort is only a short drive away from Salt Lake City international airport

Thanks to Park City’s Becca Sedler, plus Kara Rennie, Madison Blackley, and Pops & Tron for being my tour guides. For more information visit: http://www.parkcitymountain.com/

The view from above                                                                   

The view from below