Monday, 6 December 2010

December Rider of the Month: Kara Rennie

I was selected to be SBC's December rider of the Month featured on the website Check it out!!

December Rider of the Month: Kara Rennie

Dec 1, 2010

Author: Sara Tollestrup/Photos: Nicholas Dubeau

If you’ve ever checked out the TTR World Tour rankings then you’ve probably come across the name Kara Rennie. Born in Oakville and raised in Orangeville, December’s Rider of the Month started shredding the hills of Ontario at the age of 11. Last season Rennie was a contest machine hitting TTR events around the globe in places like Switzerland and Vermont before ending up at Camp of Champs for the summer. With a recent invite to the Dew Tour, you can expect to see her taking her riding to the next level this season alongside past Dew Tour slopestyle champs, Spencer O’Brien and Jamie Anderson.
Kara Rennie by Nicholas Dubeau1. What are you looking forward to this month?
I’m going to be driving to Breck and staying there for all of December. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends I haven’t seen since last winter.
2. What would you like to accomplish this month?I just got into Dew Tour, and I would like to actually be ready for it this year. Making it home for Christmas would be a big accomplishment too. We’ll see. 
3. Which female snowboarder(s) did you look up to when you were growing up?
I honestly didn’t watch girls until about four years ago. I always looked up to the old Forum crew, like Devun Walsh, Peter Line and Bjorn Leines. Now I look up to my friends, and girls I ride with like Jordie Karlinski, Madison Blackley, Spencer O'Brien and Jamie Anderson.
4. Best female snowboard video part?
MFR in the Rome movie
5. What is your pre-shred routine?
In Breck it’s usually too cold to move in the morning, so I just eat my cereal and go. I really should stretch.
6. What is the best way to avoid getting injured?
The thing I don't do, stretch. 
7. Which trick could you use a little help with?
Back 7s. I tried them all summer and I cork my 5s too much so 7s just don’t work. Sad.
8. Where would you like to go snowboarding that you've never been to before?
Japan looks amazing! I would eat so much sushi. 
9. How do you motivate yourself to go out and ride when the weather is bad?
There's not much else to do, so I tell myself to just go for a couple runs and usually it ends up being more fun than expected.
10. Who is your favourite person to snowboard with?
Jordie Karlinski and Madison Blackley.
11. What is your favourite song?
Apparently "Disturbia" by Rihanna is my most played song on iTunes. "Beautiful Things" by Ming & Ping and "Hotel California" by the Eagles.
12. Other than snowboarding what are you most passionate about?
Photos. I don’t even have a good camera, but I love taking pictures of beautiful things.
13. Best thing about being a girl?
Shoes! We have so many options.
14. Best thing about being a snowboarder?
Traveling and meeting new people.
15. Thanks?
Mom and Dad, Jordie, Madison, Aimee, The Kotsenburgs, Nikita, Bataleon, Celsius, JC, Showcase, and all my friends and family!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Shred Betty of the Month

So happy to be featured as the Betty of the Month on This website features the up and coming girls in snowboarding. Honored, thank you.

Betty of the Month: Kara Rennie

Name: Kara C Rennie
Age: 23
Years riding: 11ish
Hometown: Orangeville On, Canada
Home mountain: Breckenridge CO
Sponsors: Nikita, Bataleon, Celsius
Recent results: 
13th US Open slope
10th Canadian Open slope
12th Canadian Open pipe
3rd Australian Open slope
4th Billabong big air NZ
What have you been up to this summer - have you been training?I’ve been living in Whistler all summer riding at Camp of Champions, lots of biking and working at Showcase.

Photo: Nick Dubeau
Where should we look out for you this coming season?  Any competition plans? I will definitely be in Breck again this season, and when I’m not there I’ll be at some sort of contest. Burton Open perhaps, maybe a Dew tour.
Competition or filming? I love competing but I’m actually hoping to film a little this season, even if it is just with my GoPro

Photo: Joseph Gaynor
What tricks have you been working on? This summer I was trying Back 7s and switch back 3s at Camp. I really want to work on more rail tricks too.
How do you go about learning a new trick? Focus. When I’m learning something I just tell myself to man up and try it. Think about it the whole run into the jump, rail, pipe.. whatever it is, just keep my mind focused on it.

Photo: John Webster
How did you get started competing? I grew up riding Blue Mountain in Ontario, and my friend Jessica made me go to a Wednesday night contest there. I guess i did well because i ended up with a bunch of Gameboys that winter smile After that I went to my first US Open, and that terrified me, but it got me hooked and I’ve been traveling around for all the Burton Opens since.
Any advice for girls just getting started in the park? Ride with a good crew, because everybody can push each other and it makes you want to try more.
Pirates or ninjas? Ninja. All stealthy

Photo: Dice K
Favorite pro rider? Jamie Anderson, Sage Kotsenburg
Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled for snowboarding?  Where would you really like to go? It was really cool snowboarding in Australia, nothing too huge or crazy, just different. I really want to ride in Japan, and visit Iceland, Norway and somewhere in the Caribean.
Final thoughts?  Thanks for snowboarding smile

Photo: John Webster
Lift snack: Powerbar
Snowboard shop: Showcase Whistler
Summer sport: Surfing
Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Imaginary animal: pingcat. penguin-cat?
Inspiration: God

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Kara Rennie's letter from Camp

Kara Rennie's Letter from Camp

Aug 5, 2010

Author: Kara Rennie

Another summer snowboard camp passed by, and Camp of Champions was the place to be. Out of the four weeks of camp, two and a half of them were perfect blue bird days! I was invited by Nikita to help Tenaya out with Nikita Mondays, all girls shred session and after camp mini ramp skate sesh. COC never fails to be my favourite part of the summer.
Kara Rennie Camp of Champions blog
Camp A girls sessioning the progression line.

Kara Rennie Camp of Champions blog
Hiking the hip with the ladies from camp B.

Kara Rennie Camp of Champions blog
One of the skate sessions that went down.

Kara Rennie Camp of Champions blog
Camp C chickas.

Kara Rennie by Joseph Gaynor
I got a bunch of my own time riding and a few shots. 
Photography by Joseph Gaynor. 

Kara Rennie by Dice K.
The big hip was my favourite feature in the whole park. Photography by 
Dice K. 

Kara Rennie by Nick Dubeau
Gotta be my fave pic of the summer. Photography by Nick Dubeau ( 

Camp parties were super fun as well. Prom, Euro, Jersey Shore, and Foam themes. Unfortunatly no pics from those, but good times regardless. Now I'm posted up in beautiful Whistler for the rest of summer!