Monday, 17 June 2013

Weekend Surf Trip

After almost a month of no rain in Salt Lake, I couldn't handle the heat anymore. My roommate Corinne and I decided last minute to drive to the beach. A 9 hour drive got us to SoCal where although it doesn't rain there either, it is only 75 degrees rather than 100. It was Corinne's first time so we visited the Roxy HQ, Transworld and anything else I felt she needed to see. Visiting friends, surfing and eating tacos were the highlights. I could have done without the bad sunburn on my backside and the stab wound from a stingray, which was quiet possibly the worst feeling I have ever felt. The antibiotics I'm taking for my traumatic experience are keeping me indoors, so here are a few pictures from our days in Cali.

Stingray Stab wound. Gettimg the poison out in hot water.