Monday, 6 December 2010

December Rider of the Month: Kara Rennie

I was selected to be SBC's December rider of the Month featured on the website Check it out!!

December Rider of the Month: Kara Rennie

Dec 1, 2010

Author: Sara Tollestrup/Photos: Nicholas Dubeau

If you’ve ever checked out the TTR World Tour rankings then you’ve probably come across the name Kara Rennie. Born in Oakville and raised in Orangeville, December’s Rider of the Month started shredding the hills of Ontario at the age of 11. Last season Rennie was a contest machine hitting TTR events around the globe in places like Switzerland and Vermont before ending up at Camp of Champs for the summer. With a recent invite to the Dew Tour, you can expect to see her taking her riding to the next level this season alongside past Dew Tour slopestyle champs, Spencer O’Brien and Jamie Anderson.
Kara Rennie by Nicholas Dubeau1. What are you looking forward to this month?
I’m going to be driving to Breck and staying there for all of December. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends I haven’t seen since last winter.
2. What would you like to accomplish this month?I just got into Dew Tour, and I would like to actually be ready for it this year. Making it home for Christmas would be a big accomplishment too. We’ll see. 
3. Which female snowboarder(s) did you look up to when you were growing up?
I honestly didn’t watch girls until about four years ago. I always looked up to the old Forum crew, like Devun Walsh, Peter Line and Bjorn Leines. Now I look up to my friends, and girls I ride with like Jordie Karlinski, Madison Blackley, Spencer O'Brien and Jamie Anderson.
4. Best female snowboard video part?
MFR in the Rome movie
5. What is your pre-shred routine?
In Breck it’s usually too cold to move in the morning, so I just eat my cereal and go. I really should stretch.
6. What is the best way to avoid getting injured?
The thing I don't do, stretch. 
7. Which trick could you use a little help with?
Back 7s. I tried them all summer and I cork my 5s too much so 7s just don’t work. Sad.
8. Where would you like to go snowboarding that you've never been to before?
Japan looks amazing! I would eat so much sushi. 
9. How do you motivate yourself to go out and ride when the weather is bad?
There's not much else to do, so I tell myself to just go for a couple runs and usually it ends up being more fun than expected.
10. Who is your favourite person to snowboard with?
Jordie Karlinski and Madison Blackley.
11. What is your favourite song?
Apparently "Disturbia" by Rihanna is my most played song on iTunes. "Beautiful Things" by Ming & Ping and "Hotel California" by the Eagles.
12. Other than snowboarding what are you most passionate about?
Photos. I don’t even have a good camera, but I love taking pictures of beautiful things.
13. Best thing about being a girl?
Shoes! We have so many options.
14. Best thing about being a snowboarder?
Traveling and meeting new people.
15. Thanks?
Mom and Dad, Jordie, Madison, Aimee, The Kotsenburgs, Nikita, Bataleon, Celsius, JC, Showcase, and all my friends and family!