Monday, 24 December 2012

Home for the Holidays

It wasn't exactly the holidays, and it didn't exactly look like it either, but I was at home in Ontario for two weeks. I spent se time with the fam, wrote exams, visited friends and had a nice "Christmas dinner". Too bad it didn't snow enough to get me excited but I was happy none the less to be home.

Ice Cream outing with Dave

Pussy wine
Firewood makes it feel a bit more like Xmas
Pretty Frost on the pines
My friend is moving to Yellowknife, this is his parka.
Classis Canada

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Last day at Roxy

I had such an incredible time interning at Roxy in Huntington Beach, California. Living in Laguna Beach was a treat and exploring (and I'm sure I barely touched it) LA County, Orange County and San Diego County.I'm lucky to say I work get to work with Roxy, maybe one day I'll be back, fingers crossed.
The Brands
Welcome to Quik
Executives offices upstairs

My favourite part, the store!
Fall colors are in, even though its always summer in So Cal
The frequented hallway
Surf wall in Marketing dpt
I got to work with these lovely ladies for 3 months!
Da Boss Amber and our girl Torah
Checkin out Torahs new gram