Monday, 17 September 2012

San Clemente weekend

Ok so new favorite town. San Clemente is located south of Orange County and the thing I liked most is that it still holds its small surf town vibe. No cities nearby. Jordie and I got to stay in a beautiful apartment right on the beach so the sunsets were amazing and just looking out the window in the morning was so motivating to go for a run or go surfing. I finally bought my first surfboard too so I was extra stoked to be here.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

California Girl

Ok so the big move already happened. I now live in Huntington Beach California and I'm working at Quiksilver HQ as Roxy Snow Marketing Intern. Corporate world is different. My camera is still in Maine but hopefully it will be here soon for some real photos. Till then my iPhone will have to suffice. I've been exploring a bunch along the coast from LA to San Diego and all that's in-between. My favorite place so far is Laguna Beach with cliffs along the beach and a cute downtown area. Too bad it's so far from work. More pictures soon!
Carlsbad Beach Sunset
The Office. I could get so lost in here, it's huge!
Quiksilver Skate Park.
This is Laguna Beach!