Monday, 24 December 2012

Home for the Holidays

It wasn't exactly the holidays, and it didn't exactly look like it either, but I was at home in Ontario for two weeks. I spent se time with the fam, wrote exams, visited friends and had a nice "Christmas dinner". Too bad it didn't snow enough to get me excited but I was happy none the less to be home.

Ice Cream outing with Dave

Pussy wine
Firewood makes it feel a bit more like Xmas
Pretty Frost on the pines
My friend is moving to Yellowknife, this is his parka.
Classis Canada

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Last day at Roxy

I had such an incredible time interning at Roxy in Huntington Beach, California. Living in Laguna Beach was a treat and exploring (and I'm sure I barely touched it) LA County, Orange County and San Diego County.I'm lucky to say I work get to work with Roxy, maybe one day I'll be back, fingers crossed.
The Brands
Welcome to Quik
Executives offices upstairs

My favourite part, the store!
Fall colors are in, even though its always summer in So Cal
The frequented hallway
Surf wall in Marketing dpt
I got to work with these lovely ladies for 3 months!
Da Boss Amber and our girl Torah
Checkin out Torahs new gram

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mammoth Weekend

And she begins, the winter season of 2012/2013. To kick things off I headed to Mammoth for their opening weekend. Although it sounds like we missed the snowy days my friends and I were able to get a few powder turns as well as ride two blue bird days in the park.
Thank you Mammoth Mountain for the tickets and Roxy for the new kit.

My new Torah mittys (Roxy)
All Roxy'd out
Condo life (Roxy Eminence Board)
The peaks are pretty snowy for November. This view made me smile
And the park!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Local Spots

I've been living in Laguna Beach for about a month now and slowly learning all of the local spots. I mean the coffee shops, the beaches, the bars, the hikes... Let me show you.

This is the beach off West St. South Laguna. There are about 1000 steps to get down but probably the best spot to have bonfires at night.

This beach is called Table Rock, it's directly behind the Coyote Grill. To get to it you have to walk down what looks like a private driveway, but the sign is right there and the steps to the left of it.

The Coyote Grill. This place has been local for many years and they have a great crowd nightly. Every day is happy hour from 3-6 and Tuesdays has $3 tacos. The Calamari tacos are the tits.

South Swell Donuts is a good place to get coffee and duh, a donut in the morning. Very cute and small but perfect finger food so you can walk to the ocean while your eat.

This was the first place I tried when I moved here. The Mahi Mahi tacos are fresh and sooo good. This is more of a lunch spot since its window service only. 

Last but not least, the hike. Just start walking up Eagle Rock Rd and the gate is behind a couple houses. The hike is only about 20 minutes and once you get to the top the view is amazing!

Saturday, 3 November 2012


The ever so touristy spot of Los Angeles, Hollywood Blvd brings people from all over the world, and although I hate crowds I still had the desire to go. I wanted to see the famous stars along the sidewalk and the hand/feet of the most famous imprinted into the pavement in front of the Chinese Theater. And of course the Hollywood sign.
I also bought a Monroe poster.

I twisted my hair all stupid like
My girl Monroe

Follow the grey brick road

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I was in Salt lake City this past weekend to celebrate Halloween. Tonight I get to go to Knotts Scary Farm in Buena Park, CA, can't wait!!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Disneyland with Dad

I love Disney movies so this was a huge treat, especially since I got to go with my Dad. The best ride there was the Cars ride, where your taken through the town and garage as seen in the movie "Cars" and after seeing all of the characters you race the car beside you. This was the longest line all day, but completely worth the 45 minute wait.
I also enjoyed the Little Mermaid ride and the Hollywood Tower that was the Twilight Zone broken elevator experience. Such a good day, only thing I wish we got to go in both parks :P

Photos all taken with my GoPro (except the first)

Getting hyped on the way in

Strolling with Poppa

The end of the road

A Bugs Life



Sunday, 14 October 2012

House Guests and Birthday Festivities

 I have the greatest friends ever! They flew from Vancouver and drove from Utah to hang out for my Birthday. Gotta say, BEST birthday EVER! Thanks guys!!

Oh look, Josh has his phone still
Ok so how do we use this thing? we could be the best worst Volleyball team in the world

Ha you pussy

Beach toy front yard

Skate the Canals with Amy, Venice

Aimee #1 (per date of arrival)

Amy #2

#1 & #2

Design your own sushi roll, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Clueless and Pretty Women film spot

We're so cute

Whitewash surf

Tron's epic photography
Surfer Chicks
Down the street....

....for amazing tacos!