Monday, 7 May 2012


I always feel privileged to get invited to Ms. Superpark and this year when the dates and location changed from Seven Springs, PA in March to Squaw, CA in April I was stoked I would actually be able to make it. With the lack of snow this year it seemed to be pretty hard for any resort to put together a big enough course to be considered "super." Squaw made a fun set-up and although I was hit with a cold/fever making it hard to breathe up there, I enjoyed the rail set up rather than the jumps. I still had a good time and it looks like everyone else did as well.

 Erin Comstock 

Didn't see this one coming so early in the afternoon, Isabel Derungs backside rodeo

Enni Rukajarvi is a girl of not so many words, she lets her riding speak for itself

This is one luxurious stalefish Stefi Luxton has to offer

Silje Norendal heads back to Norway for Russ, finally graduating boys!

Bright colours could mean a number of things, but this time it's Japanese rider Michelle Zeller

Tres Chickitas, yours truly, Steph Feld, and Ku(mara) Kelly

Davy Crockett, king of the wild frontier, Kara Rennie, just a fan of the cartoon movie "Rock-a-doodle"
Ashley Thornton wall ride